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12 thoughts on “Parisian

  1. Hi Beverly. I hope this question doesn’t sound like it is out of place, but I just received an “inner peace” award. To accept, as you may know, I have to, in turn, nominate 14 other bloggers, which is fine. But I noticed your tagline above that indicates your blog is “award free.” What exactly do you mean by that? And, I am concerned that some bloggers who I don’t nominate might get hurt feelings. In your opinion, do you think I should accept this award? Thanks in advance for your time. If you prefer to answer via email, my email is: Have a great day!

    • By all means, accept your award! We are all doing what we love whether it is writing, painting, making songs, creating recipes. taking photos, and many other creative avenues. This is an award we give to ourselves and we share with others. I have not accepted the awards, which I “deeply appreciate”, because I am not a good writer and my words don’t come easy. To talk about myself is very difficult and that’s why taking pictures is so much easier. My words are in my photos :-) So, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. A tanka for Beverly:

    No matter how far
    A poem is an arrow
    Flies and stays somewhere

    Someday someone comes along
    To see it and warmth flies back

    (Thank you for reading. I’m greatly encouraged.)

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