Beverly Shelby - Pink

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12 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Pink Beverly has always been associated with baby girls and blue for boys, now God made all the basic colours and everything He made was good, they aren’t magic or are they evil, yet people say , your green with envy or depressed and in a blue mood, or red with anger .

    Pink behind bars, could mean as a woman, she feels trapped, or even in feeling trapped she rejoices in who she is.

    I’m looking forward to your Christmas colours Beverly. I have used some on my Christmas Blog. Green surrounds Jesus on His throne and seen in His Creation, He is our King of Kings so Purple signifies His Royalty. Red is the passion that is in His heart for us, Gold is the value He gives us and yellow the Light that He brings to us.

    And Pink is in the Sunset and Sunrise each day, they are a gift to us so we can seek to know Jesus and have His freedom.

    Christmas Love and Blessings from both of us – Anne

      • Hi Beverly, thank you for joining up with our Christmas Blog, I’m sorry but I was not notified that you had by WordPress and the others who those who have also joined up with us are not receiving my Posts either. I contacted WordPress today but probably will have to wait till next week for a reply so till then just keep an eye on my Blog as I will Post before then.

        Sorry for the mix up – Thank you again – Anne

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